Acordul Nuclear cu Iranul / JPCOA

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Acordul Nuclear (cu Iranul) este o anexa la o rezolutie ONU unanim votata si pusa in aplicare. America nu o poate anula. Poate insa sa urineze pe ONU si deciziile acesuia (legislatia internationala a fost luata in discutie de catre America numai atunci cand ii era favorabila, ignorand-o in rest – vezi si bombardarea Iugoslaviei). Bineinteles ca mai exista cel putin inca o tara care, la fel ca America, considera ca orice interes national, fie el cat de mic si parsiv,  justifica orice actiuni impotriva celorlalte popoare, inclusiv crima si genocidul.

Dupa ce am scuipat pana nu am mai putut spre vecinii din est (Rusia si China) acum incepem sa scuipam si spre vecinii din vest (vezi mutarea ambasadei din Israel contrar rezolutiei ONU); probabil vom aprecia ca potrivite si oportune miscarile armate ale SUA si Israelului din ultima perioada. Sunt nemultumit de strategia Romaneasca pentru dobandirea suveranitatii si independentei: cearta-te cu toti vecinii si “imprieteneste”-te cu cei care si-au sacrificat intotdeauna slugile… …desi parca in ultima vreme ne dam pe langa Netanyahu care este frecvent langa Putin…

The Nuclear Arrangement (JPCOA) is an annex to a unanimously voted and implemented UN resolution. America can not cancel it. But it can (and does) urinate unto UN and its decisions (international legislation was only discussed by America when it was favorable, ignoring it for the rest – see also the bombing of Yugoslavia). Of course, there is at least another country that, like America, considers that any “national interest”, whether small and malicious, justifies any action against other peoples, including crime and genocide.

After spitting until we could no longer reach Eastern neighbors (Russia and China), we are now beginning to spit onto our western neighbors (see the move of the embassy in Israel contrary to the UN resolution and contrary to western European decisions). we will probably appreciate the recent US and Israeli armed movements as appropriate and timely. I am dissatisfied with the Romanian strategy for acquiring sovereignty and independence: show contempt to all your neighbors and make “friends” with those who have always sacrificed their servants… although it seems that lately we’re going near Netanyahu, which is often near Putin …

Basic+ Word of the Day: contempt

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