Ce e bun pentru Germani si Francezi NU e bun pentru Romani

Cam de cand cunoastem Istoria observam ca Vestul ne-a tinut permanent pe post de caine de curte (mai nou si pentru piata de desfacere a produselor facute in China, prin intermediul firmelor capusa Occidentale), legat in lant, ca sa le aparam noi, lor, averea, casa si linistea.

“…germanii și francezii au înțeles acest lucru și au cerut scoaterea rachetelor americane din Europa occidentală. Și asta nu pentru că îi iubesc pe ruși, ci pentru că ei se iubesc pe ei înșiși”

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The State

Freedom is obtainable only through education, not through revolt. If you lock a wild beast into a cage, it will be captive, of course. If it will break the cage and escapes, it will not become become “free”, but it will be just wild again.
People now are locked because their interpretation of the world, injected into their minds by the parents, education-taming-system, and mass-media is false. But the idea that the State is inherently bad is also false and more dangerous than the current one.
The mediation between the personal interest and the general interest can be done rationally only by the State and NOT by “the markets”.

The west must understand that there is no such thing as rights without obligations. Also, there is no such thing as Divine or Natural Rights, except “the Free Will”. One’s individual rights are given (and taken) by the states. Individual rights do not exclude the right of all the others (the collective).

Harming others should be punished instead of rewarded like it is today. Any circumstance that results in public effects can not be private, so it must be regulated by the State. Wealth, ignorance, religion, education have tremendous social effects and as such are public and not be delt with as private matters.

The most malign traits of the current system are:

1. the generalised “democratic” corky ignorance,

2. the private banks, and

3. the obsolete custom of material inheritance.

These have to be abolished.

”Este evident că noua versiune a strategiei românești va fi utilizată pentru consolidarea prezenței militare a SUA și a NATO în Marea Neagră”, a spus Zaharova, subliniind un singur aspect grav: ”Astfel, Bucureștiul, în loc să respecte propria declarație, de furnizor de stabilitate, contribuie la creșterea ulterioară a tensiunilor și neîncrederii în regiune”.


What exactly “defend” NATO?

  1. NATO defends “traditional western values”, i.e. the Ferengi Elites and the Ferengi Rule.
  2. 18:24 Russia is NOT a capitalist country; that is because in Russia (and in China) Politics is more powerful than wealth (money). Putin and Xi Jinping could never become presidents if they were born in a capitalist state. America, UK, and all the western countries are capitalist because wealth is more powerful than politics (money buy the politicians, the mass media, the education system, the legal system, the judiciary system, and so on. Even the laws are rigged in favor of the Ferengi; that’s why “we are equal” before unfair laws). The worst nightmare of the Ferengi is the rise in their Ruled countries of a power stronger than wealth.

The “existential threat” that Russia and China pose to the Ferengi Dynasties (and not to the western people !) is the successful living example that merit, and not inherited wealth, are best suited for Ruling of the States.

The “Traditional Western Values” in more detail: