More than 75 million Internet users signatories called for a thorough investigation into Fort Detrick Biological Laboratory, Zhao Li Jian asked the U.S. side 3 questions

Source: Global Times-Global Network

2021-07-19 16:12

【Global Times-Global Network reporter Wang Panpan] the Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Li Jian, dated 19 auspices of the regular press conference of. Global Times-Global Network reporter’s question, it was reported that this year, 6 month, Chinese Internet users has issued an open letter calling for the WHO to investigate Fort Detrick laboratory. 7 month 17 day, these netizens once again released an open letter, and delegate times to initiate a joint initiative of the want more people to who calls the next phase of the new Crown virus traceability work, on Fort Detrick and other similarly there is a leak hazards of the United States virus laboratory investigation, does the Foreign Ministry have any comments?

Zhao Li Jian said, I noticed relevant reports. As of today, 3 p.m., more than 75 million Internet users participated in the joint, called for a thorough investigation of the United States Fort Detrick Biological Laboratory, in order to understand the new Crown virus of the truth. At this moment, participation in the signature of the signatory number is growing rapidly. I also noticed, for the next phase of virus traceability of the most where to go, the global network also launched a Network poll, there are more than 9 percent of respondents believe that the next step should be to visit the United States traceability studies, suggest that you go take a look.

Zhao Li Jian said that these people, the media, spontaneous action, in fact, is to ask the international community to the long-term can not get the answer. While the U.S. side, some people always closely guarded secret. Please US side to answer a few questions: Fort Detrick Biological Laboratory with electronic cigarette diseases and other unexplained respiratory disease what is Association? Beauty party, why still not invited who to the United States to conduct a thorough investigation at Fort it? In tracing the problem, the Chinese go, the United States, why not you?

Zhao Li Jian said that the U.S. side should show Transparent, FAQ, to respond to outside concerns. Recent 54 countries, is traceable to the WHO Director-General sent a letter to call upon, adhere to the scientific traceable, against political manipulation. Virus traceability is a science mission, by scientists at the worldwide multi-point to investigate the study, for any self-serving, and turn their backs on science and truth, and even advocacy of“intelligence source”that threats, repression experts and scholars of acts, the only serious interference and destruction of the global anti-epidemic cooperation, will only provoke the international community’s strong dissatisfaction and opposition, will never succeed.

“Public opinion is not contrary to, the heart is not honest, U.S. attempts to engage in political manipulation, to a China‘thrown pot’push responsibility, which has long been a thinly veiled。 The US side should face including the Chinese people, including international voices to the public and web poll content to make a satisfactory account.” Zhao Li Jian said.