What “a fair world” is ? What “Merit” is?


Nowadays there is a direct correlation between power and wealth; the more wealth you grab, the more powerful you become.
Ruthlessness and greed are not “merits” but prerequisite to become wealthy.
There is a direct correlation between ruthlessness, greed and wealth.

Capitalism means rule by capital – rule by wealth.
Wealthy are only a few, poor are all so many so direct confrontation is carefully avoided: capitalism means also rule by deception, by generalized ignorance.
A bad government is the rule of the many by the few wealthy in the interest of the few wealthy.

A good government is the rule of the many by the few Meritorious in the interest of the many; but what “Merit” is?

Everyone’s past, present and future actions affect (or not) the Whole.
If the actions does not affect the Whole, there are Private actions and do not contain Merit.
If the actions affect the Whole, there are then Public actions and do contain Merit.

If as a result the Whole is improved, the Merit is positive.
If, as a result the Whole is degraded, the Merit is negative.

The most powerful is always the Ruler so we have to annihilate the wealth-power correlation and have to create a merit-power correlation.

A fair world is that in witch everyone gets what he deserve, according to individual merit.

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De ce “aleg” saracii partide de dreapta ?

In primul rand trebuie sa intelegem ca astazi NU mai participa nicaieri la alegeri partide de stanga.

Exista doar partide de dreapta, care apara mostenirea, proprietatea privata si economia de piata (suprematia Ferengilor asupra celorlalti). Singura diferenta (minora) intre ele, nuanta care da prostilor iluzia alegerii este ca cele asa-zis “de stanga” adauga la pachet niste chestiuni absolut absurde si nocive (multiculturalismul, desfiintarea granitelor, imigratia salbatica) etc.

Aceasta tactica produce doua efecte:

-prostii “voteaza” pentru mentinerea privilegiului, proprietatii private si a mostenirii si astfel sustin imbogatirea bogatilor si saracirea saracilor

-prostii au iluzia ca absurditatile mentionate mai sus ar fi o caracteristoca “de stanga”.

In realitate, un partid de stanga garanteaza OPORTUNITATI EGALE TUTUROR COPIILOR.

Libertate fara educatie sau fara dreptate NU exista. Orice altceva este propaganda.

The Truth Series

“The Truth Series by Dr. Thomas Stark is the successor to the God Series. It will be a much shorter series, and won’t feature our Glass Bead Game. It will concentrate on some extremely technical points, and also serve as a partial summary of the epic God Series. The God Series soared way over most people’s heads. The Truth Series will do no less. No dumbing down here. If you can’t keep up, too bad. Advance, advance, advance. Our aim is to attract all of the smartest people on earth to our Illuminated banner. When humanity is ruled by the God Equation rather than by God, we will be able to build heaven on earth. Mainstream religion, materialism and predatory capitalism are the three reasons why humanity has failed to become sane and rational.” AC



The Rulers

“”To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.” – Voltaire
If you are allowed to criticize the liberal elite, they cannot be the real elite!

To learn what the elite most fear, look for what is most demonized by the elite … the hard left. But there is no hard left these days. Ever wondered why not? The elite aren’t afraid of liberalism. They are not afraid of the center. They are not afraid of the Democrats. They are terrified of Marxists, Communists, Socialists, Jacobins, Meritocrats. They are terrified of 100% inheritance tax.”AC