❗️🇨🇳 The Chinese Embassy has published a list of states that were bombed by the U.S. after World War II:

▪️Korea and China 1950-53 (Korean War).
▪️ Guatemala 1954
▪️Indonesia (1958)
▪️Cuba (1959-1961)
▪️Guatemala (1960)
▪️Congo (1964)
▪️Laos (1964-1973)
▪️Vietnam (1961-1973)
▪️Cambodia (1969-1970)
▪️Guatemala (1967-1969)
▪️Granada (1983) – Lebanon (1983, 1984) (hitting targets in the territories of Lebanon and Syria)
▪️Libya (1986)
▪️Salvador (1980)
▪️Nicaragua (1980)
▪️Iran (1987)
▪️Panama (1989)
▪️Iraq (1991) (Gulf War)
▪️Kuwait (1991)
▪️Somalia (1993)
▪️Bosnia (1994, 1995)
▪️Sudan (1998)
▪️Afghanistan (1998)
▪️Yugoslavia (1999)
▪️Yemen (2002)
▪️Iraq (1991-2003) (joint U.S. and British forces)
▪️Iraq (2003-2015)
▪️Afghanistan (2001-2015)
▪️Pakistan (2007-2015)
▪️Somalia (2007-2008, 2011)
▪️Yemen (2009, 2011)
▪️Libya (2011, 2015)
▪️Syria (2014-2015)

There are more than 20 countries on the list. China urged to “never forget who is the real threat to the world.” Were there outrages from the Western community regarding the United States? Were there loud cries of indictment? Were there at least once sanctions against the United States?
All these hypocritical peace hawks sat quietly in one place when the United States, like a real bandit, is putting other countries through the nightmares. No outcry, no hint of reproach, no glimmer of outrage. Cowardly, shameless, hypocritical creatures! One should spit in everyone’s hypocritical face and stick their nose in this list.

This list should be posted continuously 24 hours a day on every possible channel. Make videos that would hollow out all these western riffraff, these would not let them sleep peacefully! Fight them and remind each of these facts of US crime against other countries.


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