Separatia puterilor in Statul de Drept

Dovada ca separatia puterilor nu exclude abuzurile este ceea ce se intampla acum in Romania.

In Statul de Drept puterile accesibile poporului sunt separate pentru a fi micsorate, in timp ce puterea banului este concentrata pentru eficienta maxima,

Se observa cum o  putere “independenta” asculta de ordinele capitalului (exact la fel cum “independenta” BNR (Banca Centrala cu nume inselator de “Nationala”) permite ca aceasta sa nu dea socoteala in fata poporului Roman; bancile centrale obliga tarile sarace sa exporte pe nimic resurse naturale prin obligativitatea existentei rezervelor in moneda cuceritorului, limitarea cantitatii de bani in circulatie la valoarea exporturilor, stabilirea unui curs de schimb nefavorabil etc.

Imi aduc aminte ca am citit undeva ca cea mai ieftina arma este arma biologica. fals; cea mai ieftina arma sunt tradatorii.

Walls and fences

In a fair, Natural world there are no fences because there is practically very little aggression. In a rigged, unNatural, unfair world there are many walls: the irrational build them to defend privilege against Reazon, against Justice, against harmony; the rational build them to defend against irrational, against greed, against inJustice. Privilege is UnNatural and disharmonic that’s why it needs walls and fences to survive.


Carthaginem esse delendam!

There is no such thing as “national interest”. The interests of the rich and the interests of the poor are opposite and mutually exclusive.

There is no such thing as sovereignty while having private central banks.

There is no such thing as justice while few inherit billions and most inherit nothing.

There is no such thing as UN while few (5) have veto right and most have not.

There will be no peace while the most powerful nation revere a constitution written by slave owners and talks about human rights from stolen land.

There is no such thing as equity while the only nation that used nuclear bombs (against civilians from a country that had not had nuclear WMD) defend the monopoly of the nuclear cartel.

Pax Americana = private properly, inheritance, dumbocracy, trade over people, private money creation monopoly, protestant Abrahamism, the rich gets richer, the poor gets poorer.

No words about the real causes of Islamic terrorism: Ferengi laws, inequity, poverty, ignorance.

Terrorism is the war of the poor, and war is the terrorism of the rich. ~Sir Peter Ustinov

Barcelona officials: 1 dead, 32 injured in van attack; How does that compare with the annihilation of Yugoslavia, Irak,  Lybia, Egypt, Syria and so an and so on ?

How many were killed today by proxies in Siria?

How many were killed today by proxies in NovoRossia?

Are the worshippers of Mammon really any better than the worshipers of Allah ?