Let’s Call A Spade A Spade

  1. If two neighbors are fighting in the morning, one of them dined yesterday with a British.
  2. Terrorism is “the systematic use of intentionally indiscriminate violence against public civilian targets to influence a wider audience”.
  3. Racism is the conviction that there are at least two races, one superior and one inferior, and as a consequence you can do anything you want to the inferior race, without raising any moral questions.
  4. The Jewish laws demand that any conflict should be resolved in a court of law; at the same time they show contempt toward international law and international organizations – and they act as they please.
  5. Zionist Israel has the right to do as it pleases and reap the consequences of its actions. For example, the statement that the people elected the government and did not replace it, and so on, and so on.
  6. There can not be Justice on the Stolen land.
  7. The only solution for durable peace in the third millennium is One single state (After Zionism and America have been discarded): democratic, secular, multiethnic, and multiconfessional, like America, Russia, etc.
  8. The actual war is NOT between Jews and Arabs, nor between Israelis and Palestinians; it is between Zionism and Civilisation.
  9. At the moment, the Zionists are busy producing new proof that Zionism is a terrorist racist ideology and should be banned by the Civilised World.
    Now is not the “never again” but the “more than enough” phase.
    P.S.: Zionism itself today clearly shows to the entire world that its philosophy stands not only outside international law, not only before NOAHIDE law but even before Talion law – it is an Oviraptor – so it has to be put to rest.

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