The State

Freedom is obtainable only through education, not through revolt. If you lock a wild beast into a cage, it will be captive, of course. If it will break the cage and escapes, it will not become become “free”, but it will be just wild again.
People now are locked because their interpretation of the world, injected into their minds by the parents, education-taming-system, and mass-media is false. But the idea that the State is inherently bad is also false and more dangerous than the current one.
The mediation between the personal interest and the general interest can be done rationally only by the State and NOT by “the markets”.

The west must understand that there is no such thing as rights without obligations. Also, there is no such thing as Divine or Natural Rights, except “the Free Will”. One’s individual rights are given (and taken) by the states. Individual rights do not exclude the right of all the others (the collective).

Harming others should be punished instead of rewarded like it is today. Any circumstance that results in public effects can not be private, so it must be regulated by the State. Wealth, ignorance, religion, education have tremendous social effects and as such are public and not be delt with as private matters.

The most malign traits of the current system are:

1. the generalised “democratic” corky ignorance,

2. the private banks, and

3. the obsolete custom of material inheritance.

These have to be abolished.

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