What exactly “defend” NATO?

  1. NATO defends “traditional western values”, i.e. the Ferengi Elites and the Ferengi Rule.
  2. 18:24 Russia is NOT a capitalist country; that is because in Russia (and in China) Politics is more powerful than wealth (money). Putin and Xi Jinping could never become presidents if they were born in a capitalist state. America, UK, and all the western countries are capitalist because wealth is more powerful than politics (money buy the politicians, the mass media, the education system, the legal system, the judiciary system, and so on. Even the laws are rigged in favor of the Ferengi; that’s why “we are equal” before unfair laws). The worst nightmare of the Ferengi is the rise in their Ruled countries of a power stronger than wealth.

The “existential threat” that Russia and China pose to the Ferengi Dynasties (and not to the western people !) is the successful living example that merit, and not inherited wealth, are best suited for Ruling of the States.

The “Traditional Western Values” in more detail:


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